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Psychosocial counseling is mandatory

Psychosocial counseling is mandatory

People with MS are more prone to stress than other people. With everyday stresses of modern life, MS patients are still threatened by the diagnosis, which only falls into acute stress. As MS is an unpredictable disease, the uncertainty and anticipation of the next aggravation is a particular source of stress. Multiple sclerosis brings with it a change of image about oneself, relationships with family, friends, colleagues. In addressing these problems, the role of psychosocial support and assistance is invaluable.
In people living with MS, the problems of psychological nature are more often related to the personality of the diseased, the reaction to illness, and the way of adjusting and reorganizing oneself according to the change that has occurred and which the disease inevitably carries with it, rather than being associated with the illness itself cause of the problem.
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MS sufferers face loss of health and this loss causes a very strong emotional reaction. This knowledge and state are accompanied by fear, anxiety, worry, depression. Knowledge of the disease is the ideal ground for the development of psychic crises. Then the help of a psychologist, sometimes a psychiatrist, is also welcome. Their illness can be addressed when it recognizes sorrow, tiredness, depression, constant fatigue, tension, insomnia, sexual intercourse, confusion, difficulties in communicating with the environment.
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The severity of the disease has no direct connection with the severity of psychological reactions. This means that some patients with lesser symptoms of MS can have severe mental problems. The way a person will react and the problems that will depend on the personality, from her previous development and the dynamics of family relationships, and from the strength of the defense mechanisms that a person has developed.
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The person seeking help primarily develops an empathy (understanding and accepting) relationship with an advisor or a psychotherapist, which leads to the strengthening of the mainly subliminal self-confidence of a person with a psychological problem and with MS.
An advisory conversation helps a person to build a different lifestyle adapted to change and limited opportunities. It is important psychological support whose goal is first and foremost acceptance and understanding of the disease and its phases in order to act on the activation of internal forces that are in a diseased person.
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Psychotherapy is a complex, professionally guided process that takes place in special conditions in which the therapist and client knowingly, but also unconsciously, create and interact with psychological space in which they freely exchange feelings, fantasms, thoughts. Psychotherapy uses both verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication. The most important therapeutic factor in the psychotherapeutic process is the relationship of mutual trust and positive expectation that develops between the therapist and the client. A good therapeutic relationship is essentially a friendly relationship between mutually equal persons, whereby the therapist as a helper tries to improve the client's personality and improve his functioning in real life situations.
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During the psychotherapeutic session, the patient presents his own free will and the therapist does not enter deeper into his past and intimacy, unless this is necessary for understanding his current psychological difficulties, or if the patient does not want it.
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Through mutual cooperation, both the therapist and the patient are working to help the patient solve the problem that disturbs him in the best way. In doing so, the therapist acts as a helper, educator and friend, while the patient invests his or her own efforts to achieve the changes that he / she decides. Everything the patient tells during psychotherapeutic sessions is a professional secret and falls under the principle of confidentiality. Without the patient's permission, any information from the patient's talk can not be communicated to anyone else (spouse, relatives, friend, employer, etc.). It is the ethical and legal obligation of the therapist.
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Psychotherapy helps in addressing important life issues and in addressing a number of problems that the person is limiting and makes it less functional and satisfied. It helps to develop sensitivity for recognizing one's own and others' feelings, practicing healthy and appropriate manifestation of all emotions, learning to make important and less important life decisions, improving communication skills, mastering appropriate ways to resolve conflicts of people, improving self-confidence, accepting and expressing anger in an acceptable way, enables grief in a healthy way, rejoicing in petty things, relieves fear of strong and heavy feelings, increases tolerance, improves communication and life together with Close people (parents, brothers and sisters, partners, etc.) provide a quality life even in illness.
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It is possible that after several psychotherapeutic sessions, the patient will feel relieved or even cleared away from mental disorders, but in order to achieve significant improvements and the longevity of the changes you usually need more sessions.


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