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Life with MS is like rolling coaster driving

Life with MS is like rolling coaster driving

They say that it may be a month of mental health, and multiple sclerosis does not cause only physical problems. In fact, frequent side effects are depression and cognitive problems, as are those associated with mood swings and emotional outbreaks. About the outbursts I could write a book, and probably every one of you. Changing your mood is a wonderful thing, because in one day you go through all the "emotions" the problem is only when the "shower" is the most common, or when you realize that your mood is best understood by Angry birds. Life with us is an unforgettable adventure and our partners actually have the happiness that they are never bored. If there are those free ones and need an ad for some of the rugged portals, the ad could read: I'm looking for a partner, I guarantee that he will never be bored again with him, he will be like a rollercoaster ride ....

Mood changes are quite normal in patients with MS. It i…