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5 important tips when you are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

5 important tips when you are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis
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They diagnosed MS - multiple sclerosis. And what now? I will try to give you the advice you need to adopt to begin to regain control of your life. Or restore the ground under your feet, which have escaped you when the G35 diagnosis has evolved in your medical records. In fact, the longest way is to accept one such diagnosis. And this path is uncertain and full of curves, and different for every sick person. And while you are listening to a neurologist who gives you basic information about your new diagnosis, you have a million questions in your head. Let's start with the first one that came up: Yes, everyone on the first, when they hear multiple sclerosis, thought of a wheelchair. Incorrectly! Multipla does not necessarily mean a wheelchair. Probably the neurologist immediately clarified the possibilities of therapy and lengthened the list of drugs as well as ways to relieve symptoms, but your whole life goes through your head. You have a family, a job, a commitment .... And you will have them still. Life did not stop, except in your head, but only right now until you swallow this information.

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Do not expect that doctors will answer all your questions on their own. No matter how much experience with multiple neurologists, do not forget that this disease is truly different in everyone. Become an active participant in your treatment. Use all relevant sources to find out and learn about your illness yourself. Take care and do not take everything you find on the Internet, and you will find everything. A lot of useful information, but also a lot of notorious nonsense. The more information you will be, the more complicated you will be, and you will know what to ask and what's important to tell a neurologist who is a lifelong associate for you. Prepare for any control, write down all the questions you need to ask and write to yourself while the doctor is telling everything that matters. It's not a silly idea to keep a medical diary. Write symptoms, track your body and all the signals it sends to you, and send them a lot to multiple. If it seems to you that your neurologist you have chosen does not understand you, find another. It's very important to have a neurologist whom you believe and who can tell everything. I say this because with this man, in a white coat and a hammer in your hand, you start a friendship that will last for a lifetime ... or until they find a drug for MS.

Connect with the sick ...
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Connecting sick people will help you to cope with the illness. Even if you are reading this blog, you have made the first step. We need sick and we need to help each other, consult and exchange all the information that we have individually received. Those who have already been diagnosed have already found their ways to relieve symptoms and this information will be very useful to you. Sometimes it's only enough to know that you know that you are not alone in this battle. You have many groups on social networks that bring people together. Let's connect .... It's no shame to find strangers with the same diagnosis and ask them for advice and help. In this way, I got quite new best friends. Life-long friends without which I can not imagine my life today, even though I did not even know them until a year ago. They find some comfort in helping others, so you help yourself. Try and you, do not hide the diagnosis and pull yourself in. Be realistic, unfortunately you can not escape this diagnosis.

... But do not compare your MS with others
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MS is an unpredictable disease that affects everyone differently. As much as they have similarities, we are not the same. You may have already noticed that some people with MS have very few symptoms, while others have great problems and severe conditions. The range of symptoms and the severity of these symptoms varies from person to person. MS is a disease whose condition depends on scarring and brain damage. Symptoms depend on where our lesions are and how active they are. It's also important that you give yourself treatment, your lifestyle, whether you have other health problems, and how old you are. All this distinguishes us from each other and in this disease. MS is a very individual disease, so it makes no sense to compare yourself with others and to believe in the same outcome.

Be flexible
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MS is an unpredictable disease, do not have any doubts about it. It will surprise you for sure you can bet it. While you are in a relapsingly remitting form (and 80% of those with RRMS are ill), you can run a marathon for one day and you can not walk two meters a day. You need to be flexible and ready for everything. In this situation, it is good to have "Plan B" in each case. If you are going to lose balance or occasionally have trouble walking, it's no shame to always have a stick. This does not mean that you are surrendering and that you are negative. It just means that you are practical and take control of your illness. You do not let them surprise you. This means that you accept your illness and continue to live your life, ready for everything that can be brought tomorrow.

Life did not stop. Enjoy it in the future.
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Although life with MS is a great struggle and disease is very present, you can not allow everything to get rid of disease only. Take into account all your problems and difficulties that the disease has brought on the other side of your strength and skills that are still there. And take advantage of this knowledge and enjoy the activities that make you happy. Life goes on beyond the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Before you, there is still a whole life that may not be the way you imagined it, but it is still life and you will enjoy it. It does not have to mean that if you did not predict it, it would be less good. Perhaps after diagnosis, it will actually become better because you will enjoy more of those little things. Just because you have MS live your lungs and enjoy at any time. Stop worrying about nonsense, other people's thoughts, big plans and tasks. Simply enjoy, at any time.


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