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About Me

My name is Nicola Jojin. I’ve been living with MS since 2012. I am the person who is: very open minds, honest, provocative, imaginative, communicative… My best characteristic is that I am very positiv! With that I must point out that my life can be presented as EKG – Heart beat. There are many things to do, to see, and to experience… I am going to do everything in my power to not let my MS get in the way of doing things that I love. In hard and easy ways, I learned about this disease and want to share my experiences with you, I want to make it easier for someone to fight! But the most important thing is to understand that with MS you can live on a funny way!
My beginnings
My beginnings of MS? It’s a very difficult question to which I can not give you a clear and definite answer, but let’s take the following as my guide through the beginning of everything! I had morning routine – before work (early morning), My routine was: walked the dog by bike or on foot, breakfast, showering, coffee,  going to work… That’s how it starts almost each day, my every morning. I know some would think monotonous, but for me every day was a new trip, every day was different. So, one morning, while I was walking with a dog on our way, my feet were taken away! I could not move my legs an inch. I could move forward, and not back! Feeling: my legs were frozen! Since I was in the nature, I got down on the grass and sat down, I began to think … of course. I remember the feelings at that moment: panic, helplessness, frustration and anger. After some time, for some ten minutes, everything went back to normal, and I could re-operate! My day passed and I did not get to think about what that morning brought me. But the same thing happened to me in a very short time! 3x in one week. The mind wants to go, but the body will not! Worryingly, was not it, it was time to consult with a doctor! The path I passed with doctors for this story is not important, the important thing is the following: In March 2012, I was diagnosed with Multipla Sclerosis. That day when the doctor told me the news, the dive of the world was a wonderful thought for me! I had a positive life even before this knowledge. This has made it possible for me to quickly go through Phases of dealing with MS. It took me only a few days to understand the disease (I missed the Phase of Unbelief and Negation), and I started to think ” Now what, Sherlock” (my exclamation).
And so, my fight with MS began!

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Myths about multiple sclerosis
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