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Types and course of the disease
The course of the disease is different and difficult to predict in each person, but over time, as the MS shows certain regularities when the disease is monitored over a longer period of time, most patients can be classified into one of four MS forms. When determining MS forms, knowledge of the previous course of the disease is used to try to predict a further course of the disease. MS forms are: relapse-remitent, secondary progressive, primarily progressive and progressive-relapse form.
Relapse-remitent form In 85% to 90% of diseased illnesses begin as a relapse-remitent form. In these patients, unpredictable seizures (so called relapse, exacerbations, mosses, and swabs) are observed, followed by periods when the disease recedes (remission) and in which the patient's condition returns to what was before the attack, and may also be left behind damage. When the patient's condition always returns to what was before the attack, it is usually said that …

MY MS GUIDE - Daily rhythm

Daily rhythmEveryday obligations in accordance with daily rhythms can quickly lead us to the desired balanced, healthy and happy life. The first step in restoring the rhythm of nature is the creation of routine and discipline. Regularity is one of the best tools for acquiring good habits. In the next short movie, I'm showing you this daily rhythm. My everyday start from a different perspective! In order to document, I installed an Action Camera for my faithful other companion through my life. These are the sections of the video I made from his view (as he sees)!

Dog Day – Daily activities, Driving, Walking, My coffee, Play …

ALL ABOUT MS What is multiple sclerosis (MS) (Part 1)

What is MS?
Multiple sclerosis (Sclerosis multiplex, Enchephalomelitis disseminate), abbreviated MS, is an immune disease, involves axons, long nerve cell prolongations, on which some parts of the myelin coat are reacting and failing inflammation. Therefore, multiple sclerosis is considered an inflammatory, demyelinating disease caused by immunological changes of unknown aetiology. When a certain part of the myelin sheath is inflamed and damaged, the transmission of the impulse through the axon is disturbed, slowed or interrupted, resulting in messages from the brain coming to the "target" with delay, "errors" or none (absent). The disease is a very variable flow, is expressed by neurological symptoms and signs, and is characterized by frequent deterioration of varying degrees, which shifts with rapid improvement of the clinical picture (remission of the disease). The onset of multiple sclerosis is accompanied by many disorders of varying degrees, from mild stiffne…

My FEELING, My train of THOUGHT (Part 1)

Inspired by thoughts, I am created this my short text, which is engraved in my mind!  Certainly, things like this in  future time will be a lot more! These short texts best describe our feelings, so read carefully and with ....
The direction of the eye So wrong Avoiding the soul So missing I'm not asking Our existence Just asking Why am I in a war with my hands? Why am I in a war with my feet? Why am I in the war with me? And after all, I'm still going I'm not showing I do not share I do not need it What you have to give, GIVE!