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How to Stay Positive

How to Stay Positive

It may not seem like something to be on the list, but it is very important and very difficult to implement when you are in a relapse and when you diagnose it, be positive. This is a very important measure against the development of depression, and you need to know how this diagnosis brings depression as a gratis gift with a diagnosis. And I did not want to take that gratis, and neither do you! My advice (how I do it) is:

Surround yourself with positive people
This is very important. Kada kazem ovo mislim na sledece: There are people who are very well cared for with their illness, but they need to console an environment that can not accept their diagnosis. Do not do this. If someone close to you is ill from multiple, please do not let the sick person still comfort you and take care of how you will accept it.
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Avoid time
You can collect positive energy through things that have no sense of time. Sense of time was a problem for healthy people, let alone with us! My experience, no matter what it looks like, is really selfish, because I keep my positive energy! I realized that through three things you can easily complement positive energy, which are:
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Spending time with animals - As an example I'd give you my example of my life with my faithful companion throughout my illness, my friend, my dog Ali (American Staffordshire Terrier). It is well known that animals have no sense of time. For them, five minutes is the same as five hours. Come out with friend if you can in a short walk! It's a big thing for him, and your showing of love and caring for him. This will definitely help you, because you are doing all the physical exercise you need along with everything else. Look at that moment in the video I made to share this feeling with you.
Ali and Me
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Spending time with children - Small children also have no sense of time! They do not consider you ill. Since I do not have children, and as far as I can see I will not have them because the love of my life after 16 years has left me for the same MS, I started volunteering in the children's village as a lecturer in mathematics and pedagogue for them. SOS children's village is an institution that takes care of children without parental care. You really give them so little, and you get so much! If you are interested in seeing the institution click on the picture.
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When you combine these two, you always get the following: they see you in their uninvited way and they ask you what they know you can give them. If you give unconditional love to it, and you get it, and love and the feeling of usefulness is a great driver! They constantly ask you for their love to do something that at that moment you think is impossible, but it is still possible (you do not even know what you are capable of until you try and they give you the posture to try it out)!
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Staying in nature - It's easy to lose your sense of time in nature. I'll take my companion to the cafes by the river. He's a racer and he's playing and I drink coffee and I'm looking into the river! Frankly, I was born with the idea of a blog (help others by referring them to MS). As the picture says, it shows more than words, watch the video above and see the beauty of the experience.


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