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You have multiple sclerosis!

You have multiple sclerosis.

First day

When I heard the diagnosis, the flood of the world! All the ships sank, because I was very aware of what this disease is, my mother has the same! I can not even describe all the feelings that have captured me ...

The second day

I can not admit it! I'm really tired of tears, but then I cried crocodile tears.

Third day

What now? Internet: "It's a disease they do not know how it is created, they do not know how it evolves, they do not know the therapy and they have no medicine." For me, this is a coma. I know I do not know anything. How can I fight this disease at all, when I do not know what I'm fighting with?

The fourth day - And he still lasts

Again the Internet, now it really angers me. I have not yet had two of the same experiences with MS. The Internet is a wonderful thing, everything is available and you can find everything you want (or in my case you find everything you do not want), but the more you read, the more confused you are. Too much information. I must, stop bowling MS! I'm getting into depression. I feel it.

Nikola think ... there is no depression, you have to organize something that's your job. And so I found the solution to fight multiple sclerosis, my new life companion, which I did not want, but she came and there she is. The solution is to organize yourself. How?

My mission! I'm going to fight this wondrous disease in the way I deal with it. It sounds like a totally idiotic sentence! But that's the only way I can. It's my way. I had to get sick to clit something in my head and organize myself and deal with the disease. My bowling was fruit.
I pulled out a very quick conclusion that nothing is silent. The cause is not known, there is no medicine, everyone is different, and the result of all the patients is confused. What's left for them? As well as myself, bowling, forums, social networks and key linking and experiences of people with disabilities. Teams that have the same thing and the same troubles. The rest is history ...

The conclusion that can now share with you: Multipla is the incurable (for now) buth exit the shell in which the patients are often drawn and refuse to come out. Depression is one of the most common side effects of our multiple, which often does not come alone. Join, connect, create your own small team wherever you live. As much as it sounds funny to you to hang out with people and listen even more about this damn disease, believe me, it helps. Understanding. Make an environment where you feel normal, healthy as before.

And do not forget MS is just a part of us, not what we are..


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