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Color of MS! Everyday!

Color of MS! Everyday!

Multiple sclerosis or MS, as we call it short, means a lot. But first of all, you must be strong and have to invest a lot of energy to make your life look the same as before the illness. How many of the bizarre things I will emphasize today are actually very important in everyday life and really help how crazy it sounds.
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A few tips for a safer everyday life with multiple sclerosis:

1. Always leave important things like keys, phone, purses, glasses in the same place. If you have not had a place for these things, now find it. Always return the things to where they stand because you know how to hurry somewhere. You can never find keys, cell phone or glasses. If they are always in the same place this will never be a problem. A lot of stressful situations will be avoided if you adopt this new routine.
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2. Close the kitchen cabinets - yes, always close them. You know how awkward we can be and you know that you will quickly forget that you have opened them. I learned this after countless blows in the head and cursing and cursing kitchen elements. So better to prevent than to cure. Close all cabinets as soon as you remove what you have opened for them.
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3. Close the sink holes - because of our clumsy hands and fingers, everything has gone into the drain! I know it sounds stupid, but the smallest problem is to put plastic grids on the holes and prevent frustration when something goes wrong in the drain. For example: Marfi's law. You've finally got yourself ready and you're out, and you have not been around for a hundred years, and ...
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4. If it's important for you to have a glass of glass, buy only one type of glass from now on. Keep in mind that you will break at least one week, especially if you do not wash your glasses. So if you want to have a set of the same glasses when guests arrive, always buy the same glasses from now on. I learned this after having served my guests for a birthday party from 6 types of glasses each one or two ...
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5. Take care of the knives in the kitchen - I'm sure it's hard to make a lunch without a burn or thorn. Due to tremors and clumsiness, we are much more inclined to cut our fingers instead of chicken breasts. Besides the tax, I have a series of new scars because of burns. Always leave the knives on the pad in the same way, so that your blade always faces the same side. This is important when you start to make something quick not to fall into the knife on the cutting board. The kitchen seems to be a place where, with our diagnosis, it should be particularly cautious.
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6. Carefully leave the bathtub and shower - due to dizziness as well as the incoordination of movement, falls are very possible. It would be good to have a bath in the bathroom and handles that you can receive to help. Slow down. Do not rush. You just have to fall down and break something, so you're not moving, as if you do not have a lot of diagnosis that threatens to disable you and limit your free movement.
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In addition to these 6 quick tips, I repeat two more that I have introduced into my routine, although I have never used one before ...

• Drink enough water. Especially try to introduce two glasses of water in the morning into the routine. The Japanese are no longer the most legitimate people. Try, you will feel the results very quickly.
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• Walk, walk, run, swim and practice - I know that I keep repeating this, but it's worth repeating. Move as much as you know and wash and how much your body condition 


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