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LIVES WITH MS – MS, do we accept it?

LIVES WITH MS – MS, do we accept it?

Serious and important relationships require effort and energy, even without MS. While MS brings additional challenges, it can also enrich relationships and bring people closer together. The first step in discovering how to fight MS is to recognize the fact that the disease affects everyone, whether you are ill or worried about someone who is ill. The next step is to decide on the decision you want to talk about your MS and what you expect a person to understand and learn about MS. And finally, the third step is to find a place in your private and professional relationships for the new MS without investing more effort and energy than is necessary.
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When you talk to others about your MS, you have to consider that one size does not suit everyone. Given that for various reasons you will discover to different people that you have MS, your explanations should be tailored to the situation and especially to the person. And because there are no two identical persons, do not expect the same two reactions.

Family members

Finding the closest ones especially to those who know you well enough and recognizing when something is wrong is in any case the best way to start the support you need to start the process of confrontation.
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There is no need to tell everyone at once, start with those friends you feel most comfortable with. Over time, you will be able to decide how much you want to share and who you want to share with.
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Employers and colleagues

Dissemination at the workplace can have a significant impact on your job in terms of safety, employment and career prospects. Before discovering MS in the workplace, inquire about your rights and carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of discovering personal data People you are seeing - emotional connections.
How fast I say ... how much should I say ... what to expect ... there are common concerns for anyone who "somewhere" is trying to get to know someone. Although you do not need to tell everyone at the first meeting, remember that secrets do not make a good basis for a lasting connection, think about revealing, because you would definitely want to know such important information about another person.
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The questions you ask yourself

Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself when talking about your MS with other people. Ask yourself these questions in advance and it will help you understand which is the best way to present information to any person. It will also help you prepare for the different types of reactions you can expect.
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Why do you want someone to know?
To share personal information with an important person in your life? To explain recent physical or emotional changes? To provide help and support?

What do you want this person to understand about your MS
What is MS? How does it affect you? How MS is variable and unpredictable? How is it treated? Is it contagious? Is not it fatal?

What is the best way to provide information?
Face-to-face, conversation? Using a pamphlet that a person can take and read? Reading together a book about MS? Looking at the online program together? By participating in an eccentric meeting, a workshop?

What kind of answer do you expect to receive?
Shock, silence? Tug and tears? Fear? A lot of questions? Talk about other people with MS? Templates What To Do? Offers for help? Hug?

Things to think about
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Shock and anxiety can make it difficult for some people to respond, so be prepared to give them time to process information.

You may need to provide comfort and security just when you need the same kind of support. When people do not know what to say, they often say nothing, so be careful not to misinterpret it. Silence is not anxiety.


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