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What does it mean to live with multiple sclerosis? (Part 1)

What does it mean to live with multiple sclerosis? (Part 1)

The story of this subject is never easy, nor is it potent; It is mostly multifaceted and very complex. Almost always, we have to start from the wide introduction and guidance of many factors that affect our lives, life with MS.
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The specificity and complexity of life with MS arises from the peculiarities of the disease itself, i.e. its nature. Thereafter, other determinants, such as disease stages, duration, lifetime, ie. the age in which we were ill, as well as the adaptation of the family, professional and social support in general. In fact, these factors distinguish us, but at the same time they make great differences among us. All these factors are referred to as a common denominator, but on the other hand, the degree of presence of symptoms, their number, severity, length, and the like are elements that, however, give a different picture to each of the diseased and color his life in a unique way.
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When to metaphorically represent all the key parameters that influence the way of keeping life of patients and their families, it could be said that the MS is only one of the axes that define the coordinate system of life of patients and their families.
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The psychological axis, which intertwines with the health, makes a relationship to illness, and it depends on the process of accepting the disease, and the capacity and power of the person to do it. These two axes are aspects relate to the family, which is a type of family and / or partner community, the quality of family relationships in terms of cohesiveness, adaptability and resilience.
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In this framework we can accommodate the financial stability and socio-economic circumstances in which the family lives, with all the problems and doubts that this aspect of life carries with it. An important determinant is the professional life and working engagement of the sick and their families.


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