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The questions that most of us are moving around the head!

The questions that most of us are moving around the head!

Questions asked by experts and answers! The topic of the discussion was diet, cannabis and D vitamin.
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1. How much nutrition does the MS actually have and if there is any scientific evidence about the connection between nutrition and MS? We are witnessing the first recommendations of Swank's child, and now in recent times Paleo diet, so recommendations for avoiding dairy products ... what's relevant at all? Many MS patients believe that diet is the cause of multiple sclerosis, and that dietary changes can affect the outcome of the disease. However, it is necessary to emphasize that a specific "MS diet" has not yet been found and the question is whether it is at all. The only nutritional factor that has been shown to be important in the development of multiple sclerosis (but also other autoimmune diseases) through all studies is the lack of vitamin D. On the other hand, there are many studies on the effect of nutrition on multiple sclerosis. One of the largest was spent on 185,000 women participating in the Nurses' Health Study. In this study, various forms of diet were examined (western diet: rich in red meat, sugar and processed cereals or healthy Mediterranean diet: rich in vegetables, fruits, grapes, fish, poultry and whole grains) increased the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. The study showed that there was no difference in the risk of developing multiple sclerosis regardless of the type of diet they had taken. However, people who fed healthy mediterranean diet had much less associated diseases (heart disease, pressure, sugar ...), and it is known that patients with multiple sclerosis who have associated diseases have significantly lower outcome of multiple sclerosis. Much is written about Swankea's diet in multiple sclerosis. At present, there is no scientific evidence that the diet has a role in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. However, studies conducted on a small number of subjects showed that patients taking a low-saturated fatty acid diet on average lose up to 10 kg, have significantly less blood fat, and considerably less feel tired, hence having very similar effects as well as healthy Mediterranean diet .

2. What kind of diet do you propose to your patients and why? I recommend to all patients a healthy Mediterranean diet for the above reasons. For all other children, for now, there is not enough evidence to indicate either their effectiveness or inefficiency.
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3. You also recommend to your patients the intake of D vitamins at doses higher than usual, but still much smaller than the protocols that some recommend. Can you explain how vitamin D works on MS? As far back as now, vitamin D plays a very important role in the onset of multiple sclerosis. A number of studies are currently underway to determine if vitamin D can prevent the development of multiple sclerosis in people at high risk, and may be taking vitamin D to alleviate the course of the disease. Currently, it is only recommended to take vitamin D (up to 5000 IJ daily) in order to maintain vitamin D levels in the upper limits of normal. For people who take very high doses of vitamin D, it is necessary to emphasize that such treatment without medical supervision can carry very serious complications. Furthermore, several studies comparing treatment versus low doses of vitamin D even showed that relapse and progression were higher in patients treated with high doses, while no study showed improvement in patients treated with high doses of vitamin D
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4. What is the use and effect of cannabis in what form in MS? Kanabinoids certainly play an important role in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, but not the way most of the patients think it. It is necessary to emphasize that cannabinoids have no role in the course of multiple sclerosis, and for this there is currently very strong evidence. What cannabinoids is effective in alleviating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, primarily spasticity and pain. These are the only two indications when cannabinoids should be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
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5. I must finally ask you where we are and are we closer to the ultimate goal - finding the cure? I think that cooperation between patients and doctors is really important, that is the only way to improve mutual communication. Without it, doctors, we do not know which problems are troubling you in particular and how to answer them. I am pleased that you have recognized the importance of science in the care of patients, because without your involvement there is no improvement, and ultimately neither the possibility of discovering a new drug. My team's goal is precisely to actively involve patients, provide them with adequate therapy, and also launch new projects that will ultimately contribute to a better understanding of the disease. Cooperation with other European and American centers is also important, which is why I personally, but also all of my younger colleagues spent several months in the world's largest centers. This is very important because that way we can put our mode of work in the context of what is today considered optimal treatment. Finally, I think medicine (primarily thanks to collaboration with science) goes a long way forward, however, we are still not close to discovering the final drug. On the other hand, new drugs that significantly slow down (and even stop) the progression of the disease are all the better, which is why hope for healing is higher.

I have to admit the last sentence I was most pleased with.
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You have the choice of how you will be treated. It is important to treat yourself, do not forget that multiple sclerosis is primarily by definition a progressive autoimmune disease. Each of you has the right to choose. What you will choose is probably the result of everything you have experienced or read. But make sure you do not believe in everything you find in the Internet. Swing smartly because it's about your future. It seems to me that in our cramping struggle for the invention of the medicine we are all wandering around, and we become the lighter victims of those who, unfortunately, try to profit and profit on sick people like us. There are plenty of preparations to persuade you and with whom you will be cured. Oh, just see what kind of e-mails I get and what people have offered to make me feel good. I have to admit that I have begun to think that I have been disgusted with the insolence that some have, and that I publicly announce these "superiors" to deal with them with the relevant institutions. So I repeat, be careful and stick to the proven medicine!


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